• SKL081 : Roberth - Into the Valley ep

    SKL081 : Roberth - Into the Valley ep

    Latest release on skills records by Roberth
    Incl remixes by A.L.C.A. & Horace Dan D.
    Roberth has been in the techno industry since 200...

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  • SKL076: Horace Dan D. - Kalusharii Noi (remixes) ep

    SKL076: Horace Dan D. - Kalusharii Noi (remixes) ep

    The new Skills release presents two remixes of the Horace Dan D.?s track "Kalusharii Noi". We?re talking about two very good techno remixers...

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  • SKL073: Remixed - Chapter Two

    SKL073: Remixed - Chapter Two

    The three young talented artists Reaper, Roberth & Allexandru DM that gathered to remix "the Cube" track on "Remixed - Chapter One"...

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  • SKL071: Remixed - Chapter One

    SKL071: Remixed - Chapter One

    We are back with a new release! Remixed - Chapter One is signed by Reaper, Roberth and Allexandru DM. The original track (The Cube) belongs to Robbie ...

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  • SKL070: Best of 2014

    SKL070: Best of 2014

    Our new compilation is out now on Beatport!!

    Including tracks signed by Horace Dan D. , Miss Ingrid, Reaper, Mario Lauriano , Blanilla ...

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  • SKL066: Roberth - Hope ep

    SKL066: Roberth - Hope ep

    A new talented guy is about to join our label. For now he is showing his talent in his first release named "Hope". Horace Dan D. also suppor...

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